Location Author Title
New Non-Fiction Lamott, Anne Bird by Bird
New Non-Fiction Scottoline, Lisa I See Life Through Rose Colored Glasses
New Fiction Mallery, Susan When We Found Home
Juvenile Fiction Griffiths, Andy The 91 Story Treehouse
Easy Null Peppa Pig and the Halloween Costume
New Fiction Steel, Danielle The Good Fight
New Fiction Lindsey, Johanna Marry Me by Sundown
New Fiction Tyler, Anne Clock Dance
New Large Print West, Catherine Where Hope Begins
New Large Print Vogt, Beth K Things I Never Told You
New Fiction Leiknes, Elizabeth The Lost Queen of Crocker County
DVD   The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
DVD   World War Ii
DVD   World War Ii
DVD   World War Ii
DVD   World War Ii
DVD   Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
DVD   Sphere
DVD   Falling Down
DVD   Jason and the Argonauts
DVD   The 3 Worlds of Gulliver
DVD   The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
Young Adult Fiction Lee, Stan Marvel Visionaries
DVD   The Three Musketeers
DVD   Stalag 17
DVD   Donnie Brasco


New Non-Fiction Souter, Gerry Guns of Outlaws
New Fiction Child, Lee A Wanted Man
New Fiction Harris, Charlaine Sleep Like a Baby


Juvenile Fiction Cabot, Meg Royal Crush
New Fiction Frank, Dorothea Benton By Invitation Only
New Fiction Williams, Beatriz The Summer Wives
New Non-Fiction Carrington, Henry Beebee Battles of the American Revolution 1775 1781
Juvenile Fiction Cabot, Meg Royal Wedding Disaster
Young Adult Non-Fiction Kenyon, Sherrilyn Invision
New Fiction Walker, Martin The Resistance Man
New Fiction Walker, Martin The Devils Cave
New Fiction Walker, Martin The Crowded Grave
New Non-Fiction Parron, Suzi Following the Barn Quilt Trail
New Non-Fiction Scarlata, Kate The Low Fodmap Diet Step by Step
New Non-Fiction Miyamoto, Musashi The Book of Five Rings
New Non-Fiction Anderson, Hayden Irritable Bowel Syndrome
New Non-Fiction Mcgraw, Robin Robin Mcgraws Complete Makeover Guide
New Non-Fiction Mcgraw, Robin Inside My Heart
New Non-Fiction Kaur, Rupi Milk and Honey
New Fiction Walker, Martin The Children Return
New Fiction Walker, Martin Fatal Pursuit
New Fiction Walker, Martin The Patriarch
New Non-Fiction Brooks, Terry The Skaar Invasion


Compact Disc Patterson, James Chase
Compact Disc Patterson, James Cross the Line
Compact Disc Patterson, James Filthy Rich
Compact Disc Patterson, James The 17th Suspect
Compact Disc Smith, Betty A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Compact Disc Patterson, James 14th Deadly Sin
Compact Disc Winspear, Jacqueline A Dangerous Place
Compact Disc Patterson, James 15th Affair
New Fiction Koryta, Michael How It Happened
New Non-Fiction Johnson, Kirk W The Feather Thief
New Biography Bailey, Ron No Black Heroes
New Fiction Cantero, Edgar Meddling Kids
New Biography Hinton, Anthony Ray The Sun Does Shine
Young Adult Fiction Fitzpatrick, Becca Hush, Hush
Juvenile Fiction Stilton, Geronimo Who Stole the Mona Lisa
Juvenile Fiction Stilton, Geronimo Play It Again, Mozart
Juvenile Fiction Lengle, Madeleine A Wrinkle in Time
Easy Hitchcock, Laura Catch That Crook
New Fiction Blanchard, Alice A Breath After Drowning
Young Adult Fiction Kenyon, Sherrilyn Intensity
New Non-Fiction Confucius The Analects Lun Yu
New Non-Fiction Null The Bhagavad Gita
New Non-Fiction Null The Upanishads
New Non-Fiction Deutsch, Emanuel Oscar Menahem The Talmud
New Non-Fiction Null The Torah
New Non-Fiction Sunzi The Art of War
New Non-Fiction Karma Glin Pa The Tibetan Book of the Dead
New Biography Fisher, Todd My Girls
New Fiction Lapena, Shari A Stranger in the House
New Non-Fiction Null The Vedas With Illustrative Extracts Translated by Ralph T B Griffith Sic
New Non-Fiction Laozi Tao Te Ching
New Fiction Wiseman, Beth Amish Celebrations


Juvenile DVD   Lets Learn S T E M
Juvenile DVD   Lets Learn Vol 2
DVD   The Longest Yard
DVD   The 5th Wave
DVD   Big
Juvenile DVD   Shopkins Chef Club
DVD   Pee Wees Big Adventure
DVD   Spawn
Juvenile DVD   The Incredibles
DVD   The Good Doctor
DVD   Encino Man
DVD   Blended
DVD   Blade
Juvenile DVD   Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Long Haul
Compact Disc Patterson, James Missing
Compact Disc Patterson, James Never Never
Compact Disc Patterson, James The Murder House
Compact Disc Patterson, James The 8th Confession
Compact Disc Patterson, James Murder in Paradise
Compact Disc Patterson, James The Trial


Location Author Title
DVD   Suits Season One
DVD   Suits Season One
DVD   I Am Bolt
DVD   I Feel Pretty
DVD   Super Troopers 2
DVD   Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
DVD   The Lincoln Lawyer


New Fiction Lustbader, Eric Four Dominions
New Fiction Silva, Daniel The Other Woman
New Fiction Macomber, Debbie Cottage by the Sea
New Fiction Johansen, Iris Double Blind
New Non-Fiction Lingan, John Homeplace
New Fiction Gear, Kathleen Oneal Maze Master
New Fiction Atkins, Ace The Sinners
New Fiction Hoover, Colleen All Your Perfects
New Fiction Abbott, Megan E Give Me Your Hand


DVD   The Sons of Katie Elder
DVD   North to Alaska
DVD   Operation Petticoat
DVD   Some Like It Hot
DVD   True Grit
DVD   Seven Samurai
DVD   Chisum
DVD   Pale Rider
DVD   Hang Em High
DVD   The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
DVD   A Fistful of Dollars
DVD   20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
DVD   Heart of the Country
DVD   Fairy Tail Dragon Cry
DVD   Surviving the Game
DVD   Outlander Season 3
Juvenile DVD   Avatar, the Last Airbender Book 2 Earth
Juvenile DVD   Avatar, the Last Airbender Book 1 Water
Juvenile DVD   Avatar, the Last Airbender Book 3 Fire
Compact Disc   River of Nightmares
DVD   The Edge
DVD   7 a M a Documentary


DVD   Rooster Cogburn and the Lady
DVD   Whats Up, Doc
DVD   Up Periscope
DVD   The Great American Western John Wayne
DVD   The Great American Western John Wayne
DVD   Quigley Down Under
DVD   The Karate Kid
DVD   The Karate Kid Ii
DVD   The Karate Kid, Part Iii




























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