Call Number Location Title
YA FIC SUM Young Adult Fiction       sadie       
LP BIO WES New Large Print       Educated : a memoir       
YA FIC CLA V.1 Young Adult Fiction       The Belles       
LP FIC PAT New Large Print       Unsolved       
LP FIC HIL New Large Print       Summer of '69       
YA FIC MAC Young Adult Fiction       The fat lady's ghost.       
YA FIC TAY Young Adult Fiction       Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man       
614.57 PRE New Non-Fiction       Crisis in the red zone      
YA FIC JOH Young Adult Fiction       truly devious       
LP FIC OWE New Large Print       Where the crawdads sing       
LP FIC GRI New Large Print       The reckoning       
FIC WIL New Fiction       the secret life of violet grant       
FIC SHA New Fiction       Rin, Tongue and Dorner : a novel       
FIC WEI New Fiction       Mrs. Everything : a novel       
YA FIC JAC Young Adult Fiction       Monday's not coming       
Call Number Location Title
FIC PUT New Fiction       Once a spy       
FIC WHI New Fiction       The Nickel boys : a novel       
FIC LAM New Fiction       Dracula's Demeter \       
LP FIC REA New Large Print       The printed letter bookshop       
FIC HAR New Fiction       Montauk       
FIC WIN New Fiction       In West Mills : a novel       
LP FIC GAB New Large Print       The refuge       
YA FIC LEE Young Adult Fiction       the ladys guide to petticoats and piracy       
J FIC VEN V.2 Juvenile Fiction       Return to the Isle of the Lost
FIC DAV New Fiction       The Chelsea girls : a novel       
FIC GOL New Fiction       The escape room       
FIC JOH New Fiction       Smokescreen       
FIC MOR New Fiction       I do love you still       
CD BIO TAT Compact Disc       Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders       
FIC COU New Fiction       Labyrinth       
FIC WOL New Fiction       The history of living forever       
E REY Easy       Curious George saves his pennies       
E VIO Easy       alexander, who used to be rich last sunday       
E MOL Easy       my rows and piles of coins       


Call Number Location Title
E PFI Easy       you cant win them all, rainbow fish       
305.8 MCA New Non-Fiction       Beyond Charlottesville       
J FIC KIN Juvenile Fiction       Best family ever       
J FIC REE V.5 Juvenile Fiction       The new bandmate       
J 639.7 HAM Juvenile Fiction       Spiders       
J BIO SPR Juvenile Non-Fiction       George Springer       
E HAN Easy       Gravity       
E HAN Easy       Sound       
E HAN Easy       Magnetism       
E HAN Easy       Light       
E HAN Easy       Heat       
E PFI Easy       good night, little rainbow fish       
J 590 MCC Juvenile Non-Fiction       Wow! Look what animals can do!       
E SCH Easy       How to be king of Pride Rock    
E ROR Easy       Deena is a good friend       
E TUC Easy       What's your fancy?       
FIC AMI New Fiction       humble pies and white lies       
FIC AMI New Fiction       grave inheritance       
FIC AMI New Fiction       plain deception       
FIC AMI New Fiction       a silent betrayal       
FIC AMI New Fiction       secrets of the amish diary       
FIC AMI New Fiction       stolen past       
FIC AMI New Fiction       to love and to vanish       
FIC AMI New Fiction       deceptive hearts       
FIC AMI New Fiction       Book clubbed       
FIC AMI New Fiction       murder simply played       
FIC AMI New Fiction       simple lies       
FIC AMI New Fiction       Scene of the chime       
FIC ANT New Fiction       O stolen night       
FIC ANN V.1 New Fiction

      a patchwork murder       

Call Number Location Title
YA FIC EVA V.6 Young Adult Fiction       michael vey vol 6       
FIC SNE V.4 New Fiction       A song of joy       
FIC CAP New Fiction       Hunter's moon : a novel in stories       
306.7097 BUS New Non-Fiction       Is there still sex in the city?       
J FIC CAL V.2 Juvenile Fiction       The good, the bad, and the bossy       
FIC WEI V.3 New Fiction       Kingmaker       
YA FIC COA Young Adult Fiction       Black Panther The intergalactic empire of Wakanda. Part two       
FIC BRO New Fiction       Outfox       
FIC AND New Fiction       Terns of endearment       
248.845 BAS New Non-Fiction       Bless this mess     
J FIC RAU Juvenile Fiction       The boy at the back of the class       
FIC CRA New Fiction       A dangerous man       
153.35 CON New Non-Fiction       Find your artistic voice 
FIC BOW New Fiction       Love and death among the cheetahs       
331.8809 GRE New Non-Fiction       Beaten down, worked up
973.785 WAL New Non-Fiction       Lincoln's spies : their secret war to save a nation       
YA FIC BLA Young Adult Fiction       girl made of stars       
BIO BAR New Biography       Barnum : an American life       
364.155 PES New Non-Fiction       The girls  
FIC WAR New Fiction       The turn of the key       
345.771 ABB New Non-Fiction       The ghosts of Eden Park   
FIC KWA New Fiction       china rich girlfriend       
FIC KWA New Fiction       rich people problems       
FIC KWA New Fiction       crazy rich asians       
FIC BRU V.3 New Fiction       The healing jar       
FIC AIR New Fiction       Inheritance tracks       
FIC PAT New Fiction       The inn       
FIC PAT New Fiction       The warning       
YA FIC CAV Young Adult Fiction       Hello girls       
LP FIC LIN New Large Print       The enlightenment of bees       
LP FIC JOH New Large Print       Hang them slowly       
LP FIC SAV New Large Print       Dead man's journey : a westen sextet       
LP FIC BEN New Large Print       The king's mercy : a novel       
005.133 VOR New Non-Fiction       help your kids with computer coding       
E HOU Easy       Hide and peek       
E HED Easy       How do you dance?       
J FIC AME V.2 Juvenile Fiction       american girl luciana       
J FIC KAT Juvenile Fiction       monster power       
E BRO Easy       meet the class       
J FIC HIN V.1 Juvenile Fiction       Splatoon. Volume 1       
J FIC FON Juvenile Fiction       DC super hero girls. an original graphic novel Search for Atlantis       
E WHE Easy       Dino-Halloween       
E LOB Easy       owl at home       
E RIL Easy       Axel the truck : speed track       
E TAF Easy       five little chicks       
J BIO PAR Juvenile Biography       a girl named rosa       
E CAR Easy       Jessica's box       
E BOU Easy       Old friends, new friends       
E MOO Easy       six dinner sid       
E SAY Easy       Did you burp? : how to ask questions ... or not!       
J BIO CLI Juvenile Biography       A girl named Hillary : the true story of Hillary D. R. Clinton       
J FIC PIL Juvenile Fiction       dog man and cat kid       
J FIC GOH Juvenile Fiction       Pleased to eat you       
J FIC PIL Juvenile Fiction       dog man brawl of the wild       
J FIC PEI Juvenile Fiction       Big Nate : payback time!       
BB MAR Board Book       Madeline loves animals       
E LON Easy       pug       
E WIN Easy       the night before preschool       
J FIC DIX Juvenile Fiction       The gray hunter's revenge       
BB CAR Board Book       dream snow       
J FIC DIX Juvenile Fiction       Stolen identity       
BB MOO Board Book       The night before Christmas : the classic edition       
J FIC REE Juvenile Fiction       The Major Eights Starstruck       
BB CHR Board Book       Five little monkeys trick-or-treat       
J FIC CUB Juvenile Fiction       tales of an 8 bit kitten       
Call Number Location Title
YA FIC SED Young Adult Fiction       Voyages in the underworld of Orpheus Black       
FIC GRA New Fiction       The loyal one       
FIC WAR New Fiction       Blood truth       
YA FIC GAG V.1 Young Adult Fiction       The superior Spider-Man. Vol. 1 Full Otto       
FIC PRO New Fiction       The peaceful valley crime wave       
J FIC PIL Juvenile Fiction       For whom the ball rolls       
BIO SAC New Biography       And how are you, Dr. Sacks? 
E JAV Easy       My Grandma and me       
E VAN Easy       If I built a school       
E BIE Easy       SumoKitty       
FIC MAR New Fiction       Knaves over queens : a wild card novel       
FIC BOX New Fiction       The bitterroots : a novel       
FIC WIG New Fiction       The Oysterville sewing circle : a novel       
FIC PAR New Fiction       The last good guy       
FIC WOO New Fiction       Contraband       
FIC COO New Fiction       The Russia account       
BIO PRE New Biography       River of fire : my spiritual journey       
338.7 LEO New Non-Fiction       Kochland 
616.444 WEN New Non-Fiction       Hashimoto's food pharmacology  
373.1262 PET New Non-Fiction       Peterson's master the GED test 2019.       
005.5 WEV New Non-Fiction       Office 365 all-in-one for dummies       
650.142 DEC New Non-Fiction       Resumes       
006.754 ABR New Non-Fiction       facebook       
004.1675 SAL New Non-Fiction       Apple Watch for dummies       
005.5 LAM New Non-Fiction       Google Drive & Docs in 30 minutes 
005.54 HAR New Non-Fiction       Excel 2019 for dummies       
332.024 TYS New Non-Fiction       personal finance for dummies       
355.0076 JOH New Non-Fiction       2019/2020 ASVAB for dummies       
378.1662 OFF New Non-Fiction       The official SAT study guide       
005.44 BOT New Non-Fiction       Windows 10 inside out       
618.92 ROS New Non-Fiction       Autism spectrum disorder      
006.3 MCF New Non-Fiction       Alexa for dummies       
362.2 MOR New Non-Fiction       are u ok       
618.9289 VLO New Non-Fiction       Parenting children with mental health challenges 
616.831 POW New Non-Fiction       Dementia reimagined 
BIO SPA New Biography       Warrior's creed 
FIC OWE New Fiction       Where the crawdads sing       
362.28 ASH New Non-Fiction       Life after suicide 
YA FIC MIL Young Adult Fiction       ignite the stars       
005.52 BAS New Non-Fiction       Word 2019 : in easy steps       
618.2 REG New Non-Fiction       I'm pregnant!       
616.895 MIK New Non-Fiction       The bipolar disorder survival guide
Call Number Location Title
DVD MOR DVD       Mortal kombat legacy II.       
DVD DAR DVD       daredevil       
DVD KON DVD       kong       
DVD JAM III DVD       Jamestown Season 3.       
DVD FIRST DVD       first man       
J DVD DES Juvenile DVD       Descendants 3.       
J DVD UGL Juvenile DVD       Ugly Dolls (DVD)       
DVD SHA II DVD       Shakespeare & Hathaway : private investigators Season two       
DVD GOD DVD       gods not dead a light in darkness       
DVD TYL DVD       acrimony       
DVD FAN DVD       fantastic four       
DVD ALI DVD       Alita: Battle Angel.       
DVD MUR XII DVD       Murdoch mysteries. Season 12       
DVD HAW VI DVD       Hawaii Five-0. The sixth season       
DVD HAW VII DVD       Hawaii Five-O. The seventh season       
DVD HAW VIII DVD       Hawaii Five-O. The eighth season       
Call Number Location Title
FIC ANT New Fiction       Rigged for murder       
FIC ANT New Fiction       Framed for life       
FIC ANT New Fiction       Treble and strife       
FIC FIE New Fiction       Stranger in the looking glass       
FIC ANT New Fiction       The secret letter       
FIC ANT New Fiction       The Christmas riddle       
FIC ANT New Fiction       A fedora offense       
FIC ANT New Fiction       A ring of deception       
FIC ANT New Fiction       Tools of the traitor       
FIC PEN New Fiction       Deadly Prospect       
FIC ANT New Fiction       Bride and seek       
FIC ANT New Fiction       Three ring threat       
FIC AMI New Fiction       law & old order       
FIC SHE New Fiction       the alligator man       
658.4012 TYS New Non-Fiction       Starting a business all-in-one for dummies       
BIO VAU New Biography       Texas flood : the inside story of Stevie Ray Vaughan       
J FIC FAR Juvenile Fiction       Yasmin the chef       
J FIC FAR Juvenile Fiction       Yasmin the fashionista       
J FIC GUR Juvenile Fiction       Hip-hop road trip       
J FIC GUR Juvenile Fiction       BFF breakup       
E NIL Easy       Sad       
E MAR Easy       Christmas       
E HAL Easy       Halloween       
E HAL Easy       Thanksgiving       
J BIO JUD Juvenile Biography       Baseball superstar Aaron Judge       
E SHU Easy       Awesome!       
E DAH Easy       Family is a superpower       
J FIC PEI Juvenile Fiction       Max & the Midknights       
E PLA Easy       Ana & Andrew : A snowy day       
E PLA Easy       Ana & Andrew : A day at the museum       
E FRE Easy       I am kind       
E BOO Easy       How to be a beloved toy : teamwork with Woody       
E ROR Easy       Deena is a good friend       
J FIC CUB Juvenile Fiction       Tales of an 8-bit kitten : lost in the nether       
E PFI Easy       good night, little rainbow fish       
J 590 MCC Juvenile Non-Fiction       Wow! Look what animals can do!       
J FIC FON Juvenile Fiction       DC super hero girls    
E BOU Easy       Old friends, new friends       
E RIL Easy       Axel the truck : speed track       
E LAN Easy       stop that train       
J FIC FON Juvenile Fiction       out of the bottle       
E SCH Easy       How to be king of Pride Rock    
FIC WEI New Fiction       Mrs. Everything : a novel       
Call Number Location Title
CD FIC GRE Compact Disc       Boulder Dam       
CD FIC PAT Compact Disc       The inn       
FIC BRI New Fiction       blood bound       
FIC BRI New Fiction       silver borne       
CD FIC WOO Compact Disc       Contraband       
FIC ATK New Fiction       Big sky       
J FIC REY Juvenile Fiction       Lu       
J FIC COT Juvenile Fiction       The fire, the revelation & the fall       
J FIC COT Juvenile Fiction       The Roman, the Twelve & the King       
J FIC COT Juvenile Fiction       The wind, the road & the way       
248.4 CLO New Non-Fiction       Boundaries     
FIC MIS New Fiction       Mississippi noir       
J FIC REY Juvenile Fiction       Patina       
363.738 AND New Non-Fiction       Below freezing : elegy for the melting planet       
J FIC REY Juvenile Fiction       Sunny       
FIC EIC V.2 New Fiction       rebeccas return       
363.7 ROB New Non-Fiction       Climate justice     
FIC EIC V.3 New Fiction       rebeccas choice       
FIC RIO New Fiction       big red tequila       
551.6 LYN New Non-Fiction       six degrees       
FIC RIO New Fiction       The widower's two-step       
E HOB Easy       a bargain for frances       
J FIC COT Juvenile Fiction       The Prophet, the Shepherd and the Star       
FIC RIO New Fiction       southtown       
FIC BRI New Fiction       iron kissed       
J FIC COT Juvenile Fiction       The voice, the revolution & the key       
FIC BRI New Fiction       dead heat       
Call Number Location Title
CD FIC CLI Compact Disc       The president is missing       
CD FIC PAT Compact Disc       The inn       
CD FIC HIL Compact Disc       Summer of '69       
CD 977 MCC Compact Disc       The pioneers 
CD FIC BRO Compact Disc       Outfox a novel       
CD FIC BAL Compact Disc       One good deed       
DVD CRI III DVD       criminal minds the third season       
DVD CRI IV DVD       criminal minds the fourth season       
DVD CRI V DVD       criminal minds the fifth season       
DVD CRI VI DVD       Criminal minds. The sixth season       
DVD CRI VII DVD       Criminal minds. The seventh season       
LP FIC BRO New Large Print       Outfox       
LP FIC BAL New Large Print       One good deed       
J FIC SMI V.7 Juvenile Fiction       Spies at Mount Vernon       
J FIC SMI V.6 Juvenile Fiction       Shadows at Jamestown       
J FIC SMI V.1 Juvenile Fiction       summer of the woods       
J FIC SMI V.5 Juvenile Fiction       midnight at the mansion       
J FIC SMI V.2 Juvenile Fiction       mystery on church hill       
J FIC SMI V.4 Juvenile Fiction       Secret of the staircase       
J FIC SMI V.3 Juvenile Fiction       ghosts of belle isle       
E BUE Easy       Snowmen at Halloween       




























































































































































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