The HCSB Public Library has two meeting rooms available for use by area organizations.  Both meeting rooms are located at the South Boston Library.   


The HCSB Public Library will provide the use of its meeting room free of charge to non-profit organizations for cultural, civic and formal and informal education purposes only.  However, donations would be appreciated.


Use of the meeting room by an approved organization or group does not constitute an endorsement of that group or organization by the HCSB Public Library.


Any use of library facilities is subject to approval.


Rooms Available for Community Use

Small Multipurpose Room - This room can accommodate 25 people.  Use of this room is encouraged for lectures, panel discussions and programs using projectors and screen. Seating arrangements must be approved by the branch manager. This room is not handicap-accessible.

Conference Room – This room has seating for 12, depending on table and chair placement. Use of this room is encouraged for discussions where note taking or paperwork requires a table surface.


Maximum seating for these rooms is in compliance with local fire codes. The maximum seating code must be strictly enforced and should be considered when scheduling.


Scheduling Use of Rooms

Library-related programs or library-sponsored events take precedence in the scheduling of these rooms. Any group or organization desiring use of a meeting room must submit an application.  To give all organizations an opportunity to use the meeting rooms, groups may not reserve space on a regular basis for more than 60 days.


General Regulations

The sponsoring group or organization or individual making application for use of facilities assumes all responsibility for damage to library property and for leaving the premises in their original order.


No admission fee for meetings or programs held in these rooms is permitted.  No sale of merchandise and/or services shall be permitted, with the exception of dues for Friends of the Library, book sales or other fund-raising events, the proceeds of which will go to the direct benefit of the library.


Walls shall not be used for mounting or hanging pictures, displays or posters, etc.


Priority for private meeting room space is as follows:

  • Library sponsored program or meetings.
  • Programs sponsored by library-affiliated groups.
  • Other meetings, programs or private functions.

Rental of Rooms for Private Meetings

A private meeting is defined as any gathering that is not a library-related program or library-sponsored event and is being held by any group other than a legally defined nonprofit organization. 

Facilities must be reserved in advance and an application must be completed.

Conference Room (Capacity 12) -- $25 per session
Small Multipurpose Room (Capacity 25) -- $25 per session


Publicity of the Event

The library is not to be considered the sponsor, the host, or the endorser or in any other way associated with any organization using the meeting rooms.  To establish the fact that the HCSB Public Library System is not sponsoring the event, all advertisements, announcements, press releases, flyers, etc. relating to the meetings must clearly state the meeting is not sponsored by the Halifax South Boston Public Library System.

Meeting Room Application

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